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As I've heard many times, good designers and artists have many experiences in their lives. I have many personal stories, but the most fascinating is how I went from being
a high school student who had no idea what career she wanted to pursue for the rest of her life to a freelance pattern designer and illustrator. It's a story that evolved over 12 years.

How it came about

After graduating from high school in 2010,
I studied economics in German because at the time I didn't know designer jobs existed. My only contact with artists was on the street, where they could draw a portrait or caricature of me. After I got my bachelor's degree, I started a master's program in organizational psychology. I also had my first full-time job as an assistant in an IT company. 

After graduation, I was sure that everything I had studied up to that point did not interest me. After moving to Munich for my now husband's job, I studied animation and visual effects for 10 months. Then I decided not to do a conventional degree ever again, and after 5 rejections in the local animation industry, I got a job as an assistant at a large international accounting firm. 

It took me 3 years to consider changing jobs and following my heart. Then I started this website and started drawing new patterns every day. The first patterns were not so beautiful, but I was determined to get better. 

A year later, I quit my job at the accounting firm and have been freelancing ever since. 


Studying organizational psychology has its advantages. I know how important a company's values are, even if it is only a one-person company. After a meticulous analysis, I found mine:

Beauty: The main reason that drove me to be creative is my deep desire to bring beauty into this world. I want to remind people of the real reason we are all here: to enjoy life.

Passion: My passion for drawing is as old as I am. It drives me to be better every day.

Reliability: My parents taught me many things, but the most important thing was to be a reliable person. I don't take trust for granted, but fight to get and keep it.

Humor and fun: although times have made me look at everything with a little humor. That relieves some tension and makes room for fun again.

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